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Treat environment to eradicate termites

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As a homeowner, it is important to have a general knowledge of termites and their habitat, but also how the pest control and pest management industry approaches this issue in their total solution, not just by treating the problem, but also treating the environment which makes it conducive to termites.

When a pest management and pest control firm does a termite inspection, it issues its clients with a Termite Inspection Report, in accord with AS3660, which states that ventilation particularly to the sub-floor region is important in minimising the opportunity for termites to establish themselves within a property.

In the life cycle of the termite colony, baby termites are called nymphs. As the nymph matures, it develops wings and is now known as alates. Once the colony reaches population saturation point, these alates fly from the colony to develop their own.

Coptotermes acinaciformis’ (termite) is the common and widely destructive termite in Sydney, Adelaide. In Melbourne, it is Coptotermis acinaciformis and Coptotermes frenchi. In Brisbane, Schedorinotermes and Coptotermis acinaciformis are on the march.

As a homeowner, one may conclude, there is no termite mound in the backyard, should not worry. Many pest species of termites have a high moisture content in their bodies; if they dry out they will die. Moisture is essential for their survival. Growth of fungal mycelia (orange coloured cauliflower) found in damp sub-floor areas are what termites graze on to obtain some of their protein.

Unfortunately termites have a hidden agenda and have a common denominator, and that is they will penetrate timber structures in houses that have a high moisture content, which has a close relationship with high sub-floor humidity (damp) sooner than later. So as a consumer and those involved in the pest control and pest management industries, look at the broader picture not only at termite treatment itself but also their environment.

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