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Sub-floor ventilation, under-floor ventilation and roof ventilation from Envirofan

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Envirofan ventilation systems are designed and built in Australia.

Even though Envirofan ventilation systems had its beginning since 2001, the original designs have been introduced from its predecessor Solarfan since the 1970’s. So, Australians can feel confident that since the products have been available for aeons of time, they can have total peace of mind of its high quality.

This would also translate to a high quality installation, as Envirofan ventilation usually does not require flexible ducting in its installation. This is advantageous, as airflow in the subfloor area can move freely from point A to point B. This is what effective sub-floor ventilation is all about in ridding the sub-floor area of excessive humidity, which can attract termites, create dry-rot to timber floor structures and infect the internal air quality inside the home. This can have an adverse effect to our respiratory tract (asthma, bronchitis, etc).

The Envirofan RF7 roof ventilation system is also of a high quality. The Envirofan RF7 roof ventilation system is made of an all metal construction (not plastic), which is a real plus in a severe hail storm.

The worst case scenario is that the Envirofan RF7 will dent, whereas systems not made of metal construction may fracture. With the radical effects of global warming, who knows what nature will throw at us in the future.

Other quality factors of the Envirofan roof ventilation system is that the system ventilates via an induction motor (no carbon brushes), it is also low voltage (not 240v), and so the operating costs are next to nothing.

Therefore, as the discerning consumer, one can certainly see the quality in Envirofan for sub-floor ventilation, under-floor ventilation and roof ventilation, which are built for Australians, by Australians.

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