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TWO questions are posed to consumers by Envirofan : firstly, whether a bigger fan means a better result when it comes to sub-floor and underfloor ventilation, and secondly, whether simply building a fan then installing it under a house is sufficient.

Some companies think that is what it takes. That is why as the consumer it is so important to use companies that are reputable in underfloor and sub-floor ventilation, says Envirofan.

1. It pays to know that the company is reputable. A good reference point is how long a company has been in business.

2. Ventilation companies do not just manufacture ventilation systems; they provide a service in sub-floor ventilation troubleshooting.

Higher air flow ventilation systems does not necessarily mean a better outcome for a sub-floor ventilation problem, actually the reverse could be the case.

Bricks, mortar, concrete and the ground that the building is established on, have ambient moisture contents. Excessive moisture reduction to a balanced level is the objective. However if this balance is exceeded by a high volume fan system this can create excessive drying out. Building inspectors .will testify to the fact that if this occurs, this can lead to structural cracking of the building.

That is why a reputable ventilation company will conduct a sub-floor inspection, recommend placement of ventilation .systems in the appropriate locations and follow up after installation.

Envirofan have other controls in place to combat such problems and perform sub-floor inspections.

3. The ventilation system design is very important. As the fan system always stays in contact with humidity 24 hrs a day, moisture and electricity do not mix. With Envirofan’s 12volt systems and with the kind of motor technology used, this is not a problem as the systems were designed for these kinds of situations.

4. It would also be prudent to consult a building inspector’s viewpoint.

Some builders and pest controllers are sometimes not up to date with the technology of fan-forced ventilation systems for underfloor and subfloor areas.

5. Customer satisfaction would be the most important factor in that the problem has been resolved and the outcome positive.

A big fan can do more harm than good. Envirofan Ventilation Systems offers expert advice in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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