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RF7 roof ventilation system

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The Envirofan RF7 is a better roof ventilation system.

With the indifferent results of whirlybirds, the consumer can now take their roof ventilation needs to new heights.

Envirofan RF7 is:
* Equivalent to 28 whirlybirds in volume (not 28 times the price), 9000l/min (9m3 or200cfm)
* Thermostatically controlled. No heat loss in winter; makes the home more energy efficient during winter.
* Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, on user’s roof
* Will not make user’s house look like a factory
* Streamline and low profile. Virtually unseen. No impetus to vandalism.
* Low profile, not subject to metal fatigue in gale force winds.
* Customer is in control, not at the mercy of a lack of wind. 
*  Totally weatherproof. No wind vains exposed to elements.
* No risk of fine moisture spray entering the roof space while raining.
* No electrical license needed to install RF7 as it is low voltage. 
*  Australian made and designed.
* Ideal for any roof material metal or tile

Colour availability: Tuscan red, heritage red, mist green, rivergum, caulfield green, gull grey, armour grey, slate grey, mountain blue, mission brown, silver, ebony.

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