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Envirofan provides range of sub-floor ventilation systems

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No matter what style of building you have whether contemporary or heritage Envirofan provides sub-floor ventilation systems for all types of buildings.

Envirofan sub-floor ventilation systems provide effective sub-floor ventilation. This is intrinsically important to the safety and health of the family and your home.

Before persons address this problem something major has to happen before they take charge and remedy sub-floor ventilation issues. As an example of this a son or daughter has just been diagnosed with asthma. The family home has been attacked by termites.

Wooden floors inside the home have rotted through and major timber floor beams have to be replaced. Effective sub-floor ventilation will address these issues and this is by means of fan-forced ventilation systems.

Passive vents are not effective with constant sub-floor aeration as this is a hit and miss affair. Combined with fan-forced ventilation your house will not know as itself as sub-floor ventilation is now constant and effective.

Practicality in design and safety:

From its inception in design in the 1970’s Solarfan and from 2001 Envirofan has held the view that the front louvered vent or the heritage grill on its sub-floor ventilation systems should remain flush to the exterior wall.

It is certainly undesirable from the company’s viewpoint and that of the consumer that some part of the sub-floor ventilation system should protrude from the unit as some system do.

Protruding parts do compromise safety. Especially for children if the protruding part is at eye level height.

Robust materials on the face plate of the Envirofan sub-floor ventilation is used as these are made extruded powder coated aluminium and on the heritage system this is cast aluminium.

Other systems are made of plastic or polycarbonate grills and to Envirofan this is not up to the standard.

  • The Envirofan Heritage quad fan (EF10H) sub-floor ventilation systems are designed for older buildings styles
  • The Envirofan quad fan (EF10-4) sub-floor ventilation systems are designed for contemporary building types

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