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Awareness of ventilation issues from Envirofan ventilation systems

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Envirofan ventilation systems has been providing awareness of ventilation issues regardless of whether it is home ventilation, internal ventilation, roof ventilation, underfloor ventilation or sub-floor ventilation.

Sub-floor ventilation is important for homes that are built on piers whether it is of brick veneer, solid brick, fibro and weatherboard especially when ventilation is entrapped by supporting perimeter walls that support the external walls structures of the dwelling.

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So why would sub-floor ventilation be important?

According to research done in sub-floor ventilation (BRANZ) a square metre of ground can yield up to 400mls of moisture in a 24 hour period. So where does the moisture dissipate if sub-floor ventilation is inadequate? Humidity from the ground is absorbed into timber floor structures, which creates floors to buckle and bounce, longevity of timber structures is thus decreased (dry-rot).

What about termites? Termites are drawn to moisture and if timber structures are laden with moisture this will make your home potentially a target. The termite Inspection Report that is issued by pest control companies states that ventilation particularly in the sub-floor region is important as it minimizes the opportunity for termites to establish themselves within the property.

Poor sub-floor ventilation will have an impact on the air quality internally. As humidity penetrates into the living area this will be evident by a noticeable musty smell or by the increase of mould and mildew.

Some people are under the misconception that a musty smell inside the home is due the home being old. This is not the case as it is due to poor sub-floor ventilation.

Dwellings (solid brick construction) that have sub-walls are at a disadvantage of good sub-floor ventilation as these walls impede airflow. The ideal solution to bolster sub-floor ventilation is to use ventilation systems that do not incorporate flexible ducting, starting collars, in-line fan, branch fittings. Why install more things into the sub-floor area when there are ventilation systems that do not require this?

Dwellings built on concrete slabs are in danger of a lack of internal ventilation. As family’s strive to provide for their own needs, it is not uncommon for both spouses to be engaged in secular work. This life style requires clothes drying, laundry, ironing, cooking and dishwashing. All of which moisture accumulates internally as the dwelling is shut up five days out of seven.

This moisture buildup is not good for the health of the occupants if the dwelling is not adequately ventilated as moisture interacts with man made materials and again the potential of mould and mildew growth.

Envirofan ventilation systems address all these issues, which does not follow what traditional ventilation companies would normally do.

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