Envirofan primarily offers solutions to sub floor ventilation problems. This is achieved by sub floor systems and sub floor ventilation fans, underfloor systems and underfloor fans. Secondary impetus is given to roof ventilation systems and roof fans. Envirofan's products mainly assist with dampness, entrapped humidity, mould, mildew, musty smells and moisture. Engaging their products could only mean an improved or satisfying outcome than the present. ... + View more


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25/03/15 - Envirofan advises homeowners that sub floor ventilation is just one part of the solution to address damp sub floor problems.
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18/03/15 - Envirofan has been serving the Melbourne and Greater Melbourne markets with high performance sub floor ventilation solutions for the past 25 years.
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20/05/14 - It is important to get the sub floor ventilation right when it comes to the crawl space in any home.
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10/10/11 - Envirofan specialises in a range of Australian made subfloor ventilation systems.
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