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Water level, temperature and depth indicator
17.06.2005 - ENVIRORENT has released the SEBA-KLL-T water level, temperature and depth indicator. It provides accurate measurements of water level and temperature in groundwater observation tubes and wells.
Water level and total depth meter
10.06.2005 - ENVIRORENT has released the SEBA electric contact meter, a portable instrument for measuring the water level and total depth in boreholes, wells and reservoirs. To take the measurement the bob is lowe
Water level and total depth indicator
08.06.2005 - THE SEBA-Depth Indicator Type TLG has been developed as a portable unit for rapid and accurate observation of bore hole water levels.
Breath-alcohol measuring device
03.06.2005 - ENVIRORENT has released the Dräger Alcotest 6510 breath-alcohol measuring device. It offers fast reaction times and is energy efficient with one set of AA batteries enabling more than 1500 measurement
Hydrogen sulphide analyser
02.06.2005 - ENVIRORENT has released the Jerome 631-X hydrogen sulphide analyser, designed to display low-level concentrations in seconds. It offers an analysis range of 0.003 to 50 ppm for odour and corrosion con
Combination pressure/temperature sensor and datalogger
01.06.2005 - ENVIRORENT has released the AquiStar PT2X smart sensor, a combination pressure/temperature sensor and a datalogger in one small, submersible unit. It measures pressure, temperature and time.
Photo-ionisation detector vapour meter
01.06.2005 - ENVIRORENT has released Instrument Development Corporation’s Scorpion vapour meter. The Scorpion photo-ionisation detector (PID) vapour meter accurately detects low-level volatile organic compounds (V
Luminescent technology for dissolved oxygen
14.03.2005 - ENVIRORENT now has HQ10 and HQ20 portable meters available for laboratory and field monitoring.The portable Hach LDO probe and meters are used for measuring dissolved oxygen. They can be used for laboratory and field monitoring in such areas as:
Hydrogen sulphide monitor
11.03.2005 - ENVIRORENT has released the Jerome 860 hydrogen sulphide monitor. It is designed to continually monitor and record hydrogen sulphide concentrations in remote locations. The instrument provides automatic, unattended, long-term monitoring of hydrogen s
Envirorent takes on Arizona
09.05.2003 - ENVIRORENT has been appointed the authorised distributor for the Arizona Instruments Corporation, the manufacturer of the Jerome mercury vapour analyser, Model 431-X, and the H2S monitor, Model 631-X, to monitor H2S in source and leak detection.
Environmental heat stress monitoring system
23.04.2003 - ENVIRORENT has available for sale and rental the IST-AIM HeatStressLynk environmental heat stress monitoring system, with the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) meter. SensorLynx is a new monitoring system measuring a variety of workplace hazards with
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