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Luminescent technology for dissolved oxygen

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article image The Model HQ20 probe and meter.

ENVIRORENT now has HQ10 and HQ20 portable meters available for laboratory and field monitoring.

The portable Hach LDO probe and meters are used for measuring dissolved oxygen. They can be used for laboratory and field monitoring in such areas as:

* Aeration tanks to measure dissolved oxygen levels in aeration basins - making sure the microorganisms remain viable;

* Aerobic and anaerobic digesters, nitrification and de-nitrification tanks and collection systems.

* To control odour by using in conjunction with compressors and diffuser readings.

There are two models available, the Model HQ10 - Single parameter dissolved oxygen and the Model HQ20 - multi-parameter, measuring dissolved oxygen and either pH or Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

The Hach LDO sensor works using a coating of luminescent material. Blue light from an LED is transmitted to the sensor surface. The blue light excites the luminescent material. As the luminescent material relaxes it emits red light.

The time from when the blue light was sent and the red light is emitted is measured. The more oxygen that is present, the shorter the time it takes for the red light to be emitted. This time is measured and correlated to the oxygen concentration.

Between the flashes of blue light a red LED is flashed on the sensor and used as an internal reference, essentially validating each measurement.

The Hach HQ10 and HQ20 portable meters with the Hach LDO probe offer several key advantages over meters based on galvanic or polarographic sensor technology. These features save time, effort, money, and increase confidence in DO measurement.

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