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article image Automatic, unattended, long-term monitoring of hydrogen sulphide gases.

ENVIRORENT has released the Jerome 860 hydrogen sulphide monitor. It is designed to continually monitor and record hydrogen sulphide concentrations in remote locations. The instrument provides automatic, unattended, long-term monitoring of hydrogen sulphide gases in contained or hard to reach areas. The compact, battery-powered monitor is portable and water-resistant.

It has a durable electro-chemical sensor calibrated for a measurement range between zero and 200 ppm. It is also capable of measuring sporadic spikes in hydrogen sulphide concentrations up to 1000 ppm. The built-in keypad and user-friendly software provide for easy programming and control of the instrument.

The Jerome 860 measures and stores 100,000 data points, which are downloaded through an infrared (IrDA) port. Data can be downloaded into a PocketPC for intermediate viewing and graphing, or it can be downloaded directly to a PC. The data can then be viewed with Jerome Communication Software (JCS) Lite. JCS Lite, included free with the instrument, makes analysis, reporting and long-term storage of data quick and easy.

Accessories are available to customise the Jerome 860 to meet individual applications. A calibration kit, including gas, allows users to calibrate the sensor in the field. An optional PocketPC can be used to view and graph data in the field and to transport data to a PC.

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