Enviro-Soda Blasting

Enviro-Soda Blasting Pty Ltd provides the service of removing rust, paint, tar, grime, mould,varnish and powder coating from all types of surfaces. They use Bi-Carbonate Soda for the more delicate jobs and other abrasive material for your more harder surfaces such as steel and cast iron.They are a mobile paint and rust stripping service which provides professional,quality service with competitive prices. If extensive knowledge on rust and paint removal ... + View more


Supplier news
09/07/08 - Enviro-Soda Blasting can remove paint, graffiti, mould, grease and grime from a variety of surfaces like sandstone, brickwork and concrete without damage to the surface due to the blasting media being non abrasive.

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Highland Way
NSW 2579
Tel: 0403 209 747

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