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Second-hand pallets from Enviro Pallets

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The second-hand pallets marketed by Sydney pallet manufacturer and recycler, Enviro Pallets, certainly foot the bill for clients, according to Enviro Pallets’ current sales figures. Such is the quality of product produced by the Glendenning-based company; an ever-increasing number of clients are opting to go the second hand option in preference to new pallets.

Sure clients save a few dollars on each pallet, but what is really driving their decision is the quality of the recycled pallets given a new lease of life by Enviro Pallets.

Softwood and hardwood standard pallets, EURO 1 and EURO 2 pallets, popular 1100m square pallets, plus a wide variety of bastardised size pallets are all revived back to life by Enviro Pallets (NSW).

Enviro Pallets uses quality timber, nails and craftsmanship to ensure the recycled pallets are of high quality.

Enviro Pallets’ sales figures for second hand pallets has increased in leaps and bounds in recent years, and it predicts that come the end of this calendar year, the figure for the year will be just on 250,000 recycled pallets.

Also saving clients a dollar or two on each pallet is Enviro Pallets’ decision earlier this year to invest in an expensive mill saw, which enables it to mill timber to required lengths on site. It cost Enviro Pallets a fair quid to purchase the machine and employ a man to operate it, but it has certainly turned out to be worthwhile investment.

It means that Enviro Pallets can keep down its costs on the purchase of timber, which are passed onto the clients for whom it can offer second hand pallets at attractive prices.

As well as marketing second hand pallets, Enviro Pallets (NSW) manufactures new softwood and hardwood pallets, and 1100m square pallets.

Enviro Pallets also offers clients a custom-made pallet service, anything from a 100mm square pallet to a recent giant which measured 3m x 6m and weighed 400kgs.

Enviro Pallets also markets the full range of plastic pallets, economy, heavy duty, rackable and export, and pressed-wood pallets.

Enviro Pallets is now heavily involved in the manufacture of timber boxes; no job is too small or too big. Another feature of the business is an on-site heat treatment module for clients using timber pallets in the export market. The on-site module enables Enviro Pallets to again keep down costs which are passed onto clients.

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