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Need for custom-made timber pallets and boxes

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Sydney recycles second-hand pallets. Giving new leases on life to softwood and hardwood standard pallets, EURO 1(1200mm x 800mm) and EURO 2 (1200mm x 1000mm) pallets, popular 1100mm x 1100mm pallets plus a wide range of bastardised sized pallets.

Enviro Pallets markets a full range of plastic pallets, economy, heavy duty, rackable, export, and pressed wood pallets.

Enviro Pallets manufactures new standard (1165mm x 1165mm) and 1100m x 1100m softwood and hardwood pallets.

Enviro Pallets offers an on-site heat-treatment service for clients requiring pallets to meet strict export regulations.

Recycling is a major part of Enviro Pallets’ business plan, the company this calendar year will restore and recycle close to 300,000 timber pallets, preventing around 900 tonnes of wood being dumped into dwindling waste facilities.

Enviro Pallets is situated close-by the M7 Motorway, which in turn gives ready access to the rest of Sydney’s freeway system, ensuring a super-fast delivery service. pallet manufacturer and recycler Enviro Pallets, is filling an obvious need for the manufacture of custom-made timber pallets and boxes.

Since employing a cabinet-maker in July and advertising it was expanding into the custom-made sector, Enviro Pallets has completed a swag of orders to meet customers’ special requirements. Specifically-built pallet orders was only a very small fraction of Enviro Pallets business for several years but since last summer they have fielded a steadily increasing number of queries from people requiring custom-made pallets and boxes.

According to Enviro Pallets, such was the demand, they hired a retired cabinet-maker to oversee the manufacture of the custom-made pallet and box orders. The orders for pallets have come in all sizes from one 30cm square request to one recent job, which was three metres by 6.2 metres and weighed nearly 400kgs.

It is the same for boxes, one client, a carpenter wanted a small, hardwood box in which to keep his hand planes to a real biggy, which was three metres long, 1.2 metres high and one metre wide. No job is too small or too large for Enviro Pallets (NSW) not to provide customer satisfaction.

Enviro Pallets, based at Glendenning in Sydney’s west, is one-stop shop for pallets.

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