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All timber pallets used in the export of goods from Australia must comply with International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Publication 15 (ISPM 15).

ISPM 15 is a measure developed by International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that directly addresses the need to sanitise certain material used to ship products between countries. It affects items like shipping pallets and requires that pallets be heat treated or chemically fumigated, or made from alternative material, like paper (cardboard).

Sydney pallet manufacturer and recycler, Enviro Pallets (NSW) Pty Ltd, is an accredited export pallet heat-treatment facility under the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme: Certification No. 13648.

Enviro Pallets has installed a heat-treatment module at its Glendenning headquarters in Sydney’s west to help streamline deliveries to clients in the export business. Enviro Pallets adopted the heat treatment method because it gives pallets has a much longer life-span than those which are chemically fumigated.

Previously pallets marked for export were transported from Glendenning to a heat-treatment plant, unloaded from the truck to wait in queue to be in-turn loaded into a heat treatment facility. The pallets are then finally treated, unloaded from the facility and loaded onto a truck and then taken to the client. This was a waste of valuable manpower, time-consuming and all adding cost to the end product.

Enviro Pallets’ installation of the heat treatment module ensures that export quality pallets can be treated and delivered on the same day.

The environmentally-friendly company also sells around 250,000 recycled pallets annually, second-hand softwood and hardwood standard (1165mm x 1165mm) pallets, 1100m x 1100m pallets, EURO 1 (1200m x 800m) and EURO 2 (1200mm x 1000mm) pallets, plus a wide range of bastardised sized pallets.

Enviro Pallets (NSW) also manufactures new standard softwood and hardwood pallets but also provides a custom-made service for clients who require that special sized pallet or box.

Enviro Pallets also markets a whole range of plastic pallets, export, economy, heavy duty, rackable and industrial.

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