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Enviro Pallets works second shift due to growth in sales

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Sydney-based pallets manufacturer and recycler, Enviro Pallets (NSW) has been forced to add a second work shift in its Glendenning factory due to tremendous growth in sales over the past six months.

Enviro Pallets has grown markedly since relocating to its new premises in Sydney’s west early this year.

Enviro Pallets recently passed the 250,000 mark in the sale of second hand, recycled pallets for 2006 and is expected to go very close to marketing a mind-boggling 300,000 for the calendar year. But that is only part of the Enviro Pallets success story.

Sales have also gone through the roof in the company’s new pallet division and its figures for the sale of softwood and hardwood pallets just about matches the second hand division.

Enviro Pallets also markets a wide range of plastic pallets, bastardised-sized and EURO timber pallets and manufactures custom-made pallets and boxes.

Enviro Pallets also offers clients in the export game a heat treatment service to ensure pallets being exported meet strict Australian Quarantine Inspection Services regulations.

Enviro Pallets (NSW expects a continuation of growth in overall sales figures. Obviously the quality of both Enviro Pallets products and service will ensure Enviro Pallets will continue to attract new clients.

Enviro Pallets has been forced to commence a second shift in the evening to ensure they can keep up with the increasing demand for new and second hand pallets.

Enviro Pallets, which has an on-site milling saw to mill timber to required lengths, saving costs which are passed onto customers, has also ordered a new pallet-making machine such is its optimism for future business.

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