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Enviro Pallets offers a wide range of pallets for sale

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Sydney pallet manufacturer and recycler, Enviro Pallets, the environmentally-friendly company, is desperately keen to avoid sending a couple of trailer-loads of unwanted timber pallets to a waste facility.

So in a bid to extend their lives, the company is offering a whole range of pallets for sale.

According to Enviro Pallets, while the company sends several trailer-loads per week of broken pallets to recycling facilities where they are turned into mulch, it does not really want these perfectly useable pallets taking that road just yet.

Enviro Pallets has little trouble selling second-hand timber pallets such as standards (11650mm x 1165mm) 1000mm square and EURO 1 (1200mm x 800mm) and EURO 2 (1200mm x 1000mm) but it has standing in the yard many stacks of other-sized pallets which are harder to shift.

Enviro Pallets do not mind sending timber pallets to the recycler if it cannot mend them, know-one can but it still hates to see perfectly good pallets of irregular sizes going down that path.

Enviro Pallets, based at Glendenning in Sydney’s west, is your one-stop shop for pallets of all persuasions.

  • Recycles second hand pallets, giving new leases on life are softwood and hardwood standard pallets, EURO 1 and EURO 2 pallets, popular 1100mm x 1100mm pallets plus a wide range of new sized pallets.
  • Markets a full range of plastic pallets – economy, heavy duty, rackable, export and pressed wood pallets
  • Manufactures new standard (1165mm x 1165mm) and 1100m x 1100m softwood and hardwood pallets
  • Manufactures custom-made pallets, no job is too big or too small
  • Manufactures boxes from small tool boxes to one recent giant box which was ordered by a client to transport a top-of-the-range barbeque
  • Offers an on-site heat-treatment service for clients required export pallets to meet strict export regulations

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