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Enviro Pallets markets comprehensive range of pallets

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Enviro Pallets (NSW) Pty Ltd is justifiably proud of its position as one of Sydney’s major suppliers of second hand pallets.


Enviro Pallets, based in Sydney’s west at Glendenning, is certainly doing its bit to help save the environment.


Enviro Pallets gives a second – and sometimes third, fourth and fifth life – to nearly quarter of a million softwood and hardwood pallets each year.


Amazing what a couple of boards and a few nails can do to prolonging the life of a wooden pallet!

The burgeoning second hand pallet facet of Enviro Pallets’ business has thrived in recent months as both clients and the company combine to help save the planet and keep down costs.


By recycling those many thousands of pallets, Enviro Pallets (NSW) is preventing the dumping of more than 700 tonnes of unwanted pallets annually into waste facilities.


Enviro Pallets markets a comprehensive range of second hand pallets including standard and 1100mm x 1100mm softwood and hardwood pallets and 1200mm x 800mm and 1200mm x 1000mm EURO pallets.


Enviro Pallets also markets new softwood and hardwood pallets, pressed wood pallets, and many types of plastic pallets.


Enviro Pallets also offers an on-site heat treatment service for clients using pallets in the export market.


These wooden export pallets must be heat treated to meet strict regulations imposed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).


Pallets exported to most countries from Australia must comply with the IPPC’s International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Publication 15 (ISPM 15).ISPM 15 is a measure developed by IPPC that directly addresses the need to sanitise certain material used to ship products between countries.


So for all your pallet requirements contact the company with a passion for pallets – Enviro Pallets (NSW) Pty Ltd.



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