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Enviro Pallets manufactures giant size export pallets

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Enviro Pallets, the environmentally-friendly company has just completed an order for the two big jobs to ever leave the Glendenning (western Sydney) yard.

Enviro’s custom-made division filled an order for giant, twin timber pallets which would each support a huge engine to be exported to Japan.

Each of the engines tipped the scales at just on 11 tonnes so the pallets needed to be super strong to support such a mammoth weight.

The pallets measured 4.1 metres x 3.19 metres, such dimensions required the timber to be heat-treated in Enviro Pallets’ heat-treatment module before the pallets were assembled.

The pallets needed to be heat-treated under Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service export guidelines.

If a machine could sweat, Enviro Pallets’ large forklift would have been running rivers of perspiration as it gallantly lifted each of the pallets onto a truck to be delivered to the client.

The pallets each weighed a mammoth 1.5 tonnes but their great bulk did the trick because the client reported back that they easily withstood the huge weights placed on them when lifted onto a ship for export.

  • Recycled second-hand pallets, given new leases on life are softwood and hardwood standard (1200mm x 1200mm) pallets, 4-way entry Euro 1 (1200mm x 800mm) and Euro 2 (1200mm x 1000mm) pallets, popular 1100mm x 1100mm pallets plus a wide range of sized pallets
  • Markets a full range of second-hand plastic pallets, economy, heavy-duty, industrial, rackable, export and pressed wood pallets
  • Manufactures new standard (1165mm x 1165mm) and 1100m x 1100m softwood and hardwood pallets as well as block 4-way entry pallets
  • Manufactures custom-made pallets, no job is too big or too small
  • Manufactures boxes again, no job is too small or too big
  • Offers an on-site heat-treatment service for clients required export pallets to meet strict export regulations. Enviro Pallets is an accredited export pallet heat treatment facility under the Australian wood packaging certification scheme: certification No. 13648

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