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Enviro Pallets is becoming accustomed to making custom-made pallets and boxes

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Sydney pallet manufacturer and recycler, Enviro Pallets (NSW) is both surprised with the response by clients ordering custom-made pallets and boxes and the number of orders they are receiving from customers who want a specifically-sized pallets or boxes.

Enviro Pallets advertise that no custom-made job is too small or too big and clients are taking it at its word. This week Enviro Pallets completed a large order for hardwood pallets measuring 1.7m by 4.2m, even the biggest forklift broke into a sweat lifting a load of those onto a truck.

Other recent custom-made orders have included a 300mm square tool box, a huge 1.3m square toy box with a hinged doorway and another giant pallet which was 6.2m by 3m.

Such was the demand for custom-made products, Enviro Pallets employed a retired cabinet-maker to oversee the custom-made division.

Recycles second-hand pallets. Giving new leases on life are softwood and hardwood standard pallets, 4-way entry EURO 1 (1200mm x 800mm) and EURO 2 (1200mm x 1000mm) pallets, popular 1100mm x 1100mm pallets plus a wide range of bastardised sized pallets. Enviro Pallets is expected to market nearly 300,000 recycled pallets this year alone.
Markets a full range of second-hand plastic pallets, economy, heavy duty, industrial, rackable, export, and pressed wood pallets.

Manufactures new standard (1165mm x 1165mm) and 1100m x 1100m softwood and hardwood pallets.

Manufactures custom-made pallets. No job is too big or too small.

Manufactures boxes – again, no job is too small or too big.

Offers an on-site heat-treatment service for clients required export pallets to meet strict export regulations. Enviro Pallets is an accredited export pallet heat treatment facility under the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme: Certification No. 13648.

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