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Enviro Pallets installs new pallet-making machine at its Glendenning premises

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Demand for new and second-hand timber pallets has been such that Sydney pallet manufacturer and recycler, Enviro Pallets, this week will install a third pallet-making machine at its Glendenning premises.

The machine takes the heavy-lifting of bearers and boards out of the equation in the manufacture of new softwood and hardwood timber pallets.

During a normal eight-hour shift, two operators can churn out 1500 pallets.

“And we’ll be needing everyone of ’em,’ quipped Enviro Pallets general manager, Mark Duffin.

Since commencing operations in 1996, Enviro Pallets has grown into a major player in the pallet game, mainly due to a tremendous growth spurt since relocating to the new Glendenning premises in April, 2006.

Duffin puts the remarkable growth in sales of both second-hand and new pallets down to low price and service.

“We are able to keep down our overheads due to a number of reasons and these savings are passed onto our customers who can purchase both new and recycled pallets at the right prices,” said Duffin.

Enviro Pallets can keep down manufacturing costs due to:

  • Installation of a giant pack-docking saw which enables the company to purchase long lengths of timber at low prices and mill to required lengths on-site
  • Contracts a handful of drivers who search all over Sydney and surrounds for discarded pallets and boards which are given new leases of life with Enviro’s renowned ‘makeover’ skills
  • Installing on-site of a heat-treating module. This enables Enviro Pallets to provide a cost-effective heat treatment for pallets being used by clients in the export market

Enviro Pallets:

  • Enviro Pallets recycles second-hand timber pallets. Given new leases on life are softwood and hardwood standard pallets, EURO 1 and EURO 2 pallets, popular 1100mm x 1100mm pallets plus a wide range of ‘bastardised’ sized pallets
  • Markets a full range of second-hand plastic pallets and pressed wood pallets
  • Manufactures new softwood and hardwood pallets
  • It manufactures custom-made pallets
  • Manufactures boxes – from small tool boxes to one recent giant which was ordered by a client to transport a top-of-the-range barbeque
  • Offers an on-site heat-treatment service for clients required export pallets to meet strict export regulations

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