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Enviro Pallets gets busy as holiday season approaches

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With the Christmas-New Year period fast approaching, it is all hands on deck at Enviro Pallets as staff is kept busier than Santa’s little helpers in meeting the expected lift in demand for pallets.

Second-hand recycled pallets, new pallets, plastic pallets, pressed-wood pallets, custom-made pallets and boxes, every division at the Sydney-based company is flat-out ensuring orders are delivered on time.

Also working hot, in more ways than one, is the staff manning Enviro Pallets’ heat treatment module, loading and unloading from the module, which heats export-quality pallets to 56C to meet strict Australian Quarantine Inspection Services regulations.

According to Enviro Pallets, the busier Enviro Pallets clients get, and that is always the go this time of the year, the busier Enviro Pallets get. Enviro Pallets obviously doing something right because business has really boomed since they relocated from Riverstone to Glendenning earlier this year.

Enviro Pallets is succinct in its answer as to why the company is thriving.

Quality of products and quality of service, both second-hand recycled and new pallets are quality products and that is equalled by our sales and service.

In addition, close proximity to the new M7 Freeway which links with the rest of the city’s freeway systems, ensures a super-fast delivery service.

It is imperative that Enviro Pallets meet orders on time, otherwise its clients will suffer and that just cannot happen, specially at this time of the year.

Enviro Pallets really is  one-stop shop for pallets.

The environmentally-friendly company sells second-hand softwood and hardwood standard (1165mm x 1165mm) pallets, 1100mm x 1100m pallets, EURO 1 (1200mm x 800mm) and EURO 2 (1200mm x 1000mm) pallets plus a wide range of bastardised sized pallets.

Enviro Pallets (NSW) also manufactures new standard softwood and hardwood pallets and also provides a custom-made service for clients who require that special sized pallet or box.

No pallets or box order is too small or too big.

Enviro Pallets also markets a whole range of plastic pallets, economy, heavy-duty, rackable, industrial and export.

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