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Enviro Mental Gear manufactures clothing including t shirts

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Enviro Mental Gear  is an Australian company which is involved in manufacturing clothing. It was established in 2004. The main aim of Enviro Mental Gear is to reach out with messages for a greener earth. A range of clothing is provided by Enviro Mental Gear and this company supports Australian made clothing.

Enviro Mental Gear suggests some ways to reduce the environmental impact. This company recommends clients to use cold water for washing machines. Fixing leaks and turning off taps when not in use are also stressed by Enviro Mental Gear. Water let out by the washing machine is recommended for gardening.

Enviro Mental Gear also promotes the process of recycling. Materials like cans, paper, bottles, aluminium foil, jars etc. can be recycled. Plastic bags can also be reused as bin liners to avoid wastage. Purchasing energy efficient appliances also leads to reduction in the energy consumption and household bills. Enviro Mental Gear also suggests the use of energy efficient globes in the place of normal light globes.

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