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Logic doors from Envico Doors

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Envico Doors  is well known for providing high speed doors with highest quality and lowest maintenance. The client of Envico Doors enjoy premium product as a solution for their opening problems. These ranges of products take care of all the problems in terms of application as well as the value for money. Envico Doors has developed a Specific Insulated High Speed Door in order to cater to their hard wearing demands. Envico Doors operation have also been expanded to cover overseas market such as Pacific Islands, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Argentina, United Kingdom as well as New Zealand and all Australian states.

Envico Doors has been designing, manufacturing as well as trading high speed door market since 2000. Envico Doors offers products such as Titan, Logic and Maxim. The Logic High Speed doors of Envico Doors are designed especially for environment where the doors are used in conjunction with the high volume production or large opening for efficient environmental control. These doors can be used in wide range of industry situations.

Logic High Speed doors of Envico Doors offers sensor option such as induction ground loops, remote control, radar – motion sensors, pull cord, pedestrian push button and proximity sensors. The frame work of Logic High Speed doors are made up of head unit and leg units. The Logic High Speed doors of Envico Doors can be fixed directly to the wall or can be a free standing unit.

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