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Vibratory Feeders from Enmin Vibratory Equipment Separate Chicken Pieces

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Engineers from Enmin Vibratory Equipment designed a special vibratory feeder that helped their client resolve the problem of separating stuck chicken pieces following the frying process.  

Enmin’s customer had two problems:  

Preventing chicken pieces from sticking together during food handling  

Following the frying process, chicken pieces are frozen leading to the pieces sticking together and creating handling issues.  

Packaging bagged frozen chicken  

The bagged chicken pieces had to be packed into cardboard boxes. However, the shape of the frozen packs prevented completion of the box closure operation.  

Enmin’s engineers were able to rectify both problems using a specially-designed contoured vibratory feeder with a slightly uphill operation to stop the chicken pieces from sticking together.  

On exiting the frying conveyors, the chicken pieces are subjected to a series of gentle vibrations while they are transported forward over the contoured surfaces. This combined action accurately separates all the pieces and conveys them onto the subsequent freezer conveyor belt.  

The vibratory feeders have a stainless steel construction for hygiene and ease of cleaning. Food rated isolators are used to create an almost immeasurable amount of vibration to the supporting framework.  

A key advantage of the vibratory feeders is the low noise operation, well below the factory noise level regulations. The speed of the process can be altered manually via frequency inverters or be fully programmed.  

Enmin introduced one of their vibratory compaction tables to address the box closure problem.  

By subjecting the cartons to vertical vibration, the packs were allowed to rapidly settle without damage. This allowed the box closure to be completed successfully avoiding further damage through transportation or movement of packs within the cartons.  

Enmin compaction tables have solved many such issues in the consolidation of bulk materials as well as packaged goods.

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