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Truck vibrators prevent costly damage

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article image Suits all types of trucks.

MANY materials are difficult to unload after transportation, they are often subjected to compaction caused through road vibration or regular braking, the bulk load moves forward adding further to the compaction situation.

Faced with the problem of overcoming the discharging of the load, truck operators most often have no alternative but to raise the body as high as possible and then proceed to "jog" or rock the truck in an endeavour to shake the load loose.

Two obvious problems result, one is higher maintenance costs to the trucks hydraulics, brakes and tailgate. The other often more costly exercise, is the movement of the load causing the truck to tip sideways.

Enmin's range of 12 and 24 volt dc vibrators have been made available to suit all types of trucks, spreaders, bottom dump trailers and mobile plants in general.

By applying these powerful vibrators to the underside of the truck body, and using a few seconds of power from the inboard battery system, the most stubborn or compacted materials can be safely vibrated loose. No damage to the truck body or equipment occurs.

Sealed for protection against the harsh Australian eliminates, the dc range of vibrators provide long trouble free service. Each dc truck vibrator is supplied with an installation kit, comprising of mounting plate, cable, solenoid, push button start/stop and a step by step guide on correct mounting and installation procedure.

All six models are available as off the shelf items with output forces ranging from 200kg to 1600kg to suit a wide array of body types and lengths.

Full technical assistance is provided in correctly selecting the most appropriate unit for the situation, ensuring the desired result is obtained first time every time.

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