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Floor space is a constant issue with all manner of processing and the Food Industry is no exception.

Compact plant design saves valuable floor space, reduces the infrastructure and in many cases minimises maintenance.

Processing plants designed on different levels introduces the problem of elevating and de-elevating product. This is usually achieved with the use of elevating belt or bucket conveyors, vertical transporters or lifts.

All these methods have their place but introduce secondary maintenance and may be restricting in contamination issues or added man power or worse provide a batch rather than a continuous process.

Vibratory Spiral Elevators are offered as a solution to the space problem. The design produces a compact footprint and can be used in both elevating and de-elevating modes.

Vibratory Equipment presents other advantages, in low maintenance, hygiene, contamination free operation, and acceptance of differing materials.

One example by Enmin Vibratory Equipment was the de-elevating of frozen chicken pieces. The brief required a feed rate of some 4000 kg per hour of product descending from a height of 5.3 metres to a packing conveyor at ground level.

The available floor space was 1500mm x 1700 mm. Construction needed to be in 306 stainless steel. More important a controlled descending feed rate was required to match the delivery rate and the exit rate.

Installation of the Enmin Vibratory Spiral Elevators only required bolting to the floor, the vertical column being self supporting.

Flexible connections at the inlet and outlet removed any transmitted vibrations to surrounding equipment.

Requiring only 1.5 kw of power to drive each unit the Spiral Elevators speed is controlled by a special frequency inverter once the initial calibration was completed.

The benefits of the Enmin Vibratory Spiral Elevator is in terms of hygiene since they are designed and constructed to the high standard of HACCP, accuracy of feed, low maintenance, saving of overall floor space, and in providing an economical solution to plant design and processing.

The Spiral Elevators is available from Enmin Vibratory Equipment.

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