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Novel System for emptying Tote Bins, by Enmin

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Enmin Vibratory Products have designed a novel approach for an international paint company that can be employed in other sectors of industry where portable Tote Bins are used.

Problems associated with Portable Tote Bins usually emerge when difficult materials are encountered that simply will not discharge when the manual slide gate is opened. Most Tote Bins are constructed from molded plastic, light gauge carbon or stainless steel. The support frame is equally designed for weight considerations.

The overall configuration makes it extremely difficult to apply a Vibrator or other Flow Aid Device; secondly industry usually employs a significant number of Tote Bins which would result in a very high cost if each unit was fitted with a device to assist the flow of material.

In addressing this problem. The device can be configured to suit almost all applications which results in the complete Tote Bin being subjected to Low Frequency, High Amplitude Vibration. Using standard plant compressed air the Vibration can easily be controlled depending on the material characteristics. Electric Timers complete the design and give efficient control over the operation.

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