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New hygienic conveyors available from Enmin Vibratory Equipment

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To compliment its vibratory processing equipment Enmin is also providing special conveyors where product is required to be elevated.

Transporting product from near ground level to the in-feed system of the vibratory processing system, these hygienic conveyors are manufactured to the same high standards of HACCP requirements.

Construction is a combination of stainless steel and food grade plastic belting and components. Safety issues are eliminated with the direct drive design and the enclosed pulley system. Washing down is acceptable since the conveyors are built to IP65 standards.

These hygienic conveyors are offered as a standard design with belt widths, elevating heights and lengths being flexible.

The supporting frame can be produced with lockable castors where mobility is required.

Drives can be supplied in both single phase and three phase electrical configurations.

Additions in the form of product receiving hoppers, in-feed chutes, discharge chutes and diverters, protection covers are all available.

All Enmin Vibratory Equipment ’s products are produced to HACCP standards; these hygienic conveyors follow the same design prerequisites.

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