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Enmin’s digital frequency controllers overcome the problem of tuning electromagnetic vibratory feeders

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Digital frequency controllers introduced by Enmin Vibratory Equipment to their range of feeder controllers allow users to efficiently tune their electromagnetic vibratory feeders to gain the best possible performance.

All electromagnetic vibratory feeders suffer from the inherent problem of repetition of build since they are a combination of a machined base and a fabricated tray or bowl. Electromagnetic feeders therefore, need to be tuned to achieve the best possible conveying rate. The traditional method of altering the springs or adding weights to the system to compensate is a time-consuming, inaccurate and often frustrating function.

With the introduction of Enmin’s digital frequency controllers, anyone can efficiently tune their vibratory feeder to gain the best possible performance. A simple pushbutton operation quickly searches for the resonance frequency and combined with amplitude adjustment, tunes the vibratory feeder to its maximum potential.

Tuning any electromagnetic vibratory feeder is more difficult when the tray or bowl fabrication has a complicated design. The R series feeder controllers are ideal for standard tray or bowl designs. When multiple drives are employed either side by side or in line, the tuning function becomes much more difficult, which is easily overcome by Enmin’s FQIN controllers.

Key features of Enmin’s FQIN digital frequency controllers:

  • Services vibratory feeders from 4 to 15 amp power
  • Operates from a standard single phase power supply
  • Password protection prevents unauthorised access
  • Connections for operational feedback, load sensors, delay start and stop functions
  • Digital read-out display program provides a host of messages for ease of operation, fault finding and operating conditions
  • Built to IP 55 standard
  • Complies with European CE standards for electromagnetic compatibility

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