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Enmin Vibratory Equipment Makes Cookie Packaging Easier

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The increasing demand for gourmet cookies from the consumer market places focus on the need for efficient cookie packaging that prevents damage and reduces manual handling in line with new parameters.  

Having recently delivered their 14th system to one of Australia’s leading gourmet cookie manufacturers, Enmin Vibratory Equipment is fulfilling a demand that provides local cookie and biscuit manufacturers with a custom-engineered cookie packaging facility that satisfies their particular product range and their unique requirements.    

Using computer modelling, engineers at Enmin Vibratory Equipment can demonstrate the effectiveness of a system in handling these products with minimum damage. Their test facility will additionally prove the process before commencing manufacturing.  

Enmin Vibratory Equipment manufactures a range of electromagnetic vibratory feeders that form the core of these successful cookie and biscuit handling systems. Having introduced their fifth generation of vibratory feeders combined with the latest in electronic controllers, the systems offer an efficient operation that is reliable and requires almost no maintenance.  

Each of these systems apart from being designed to suit specific customer needs also features built-in requirements of HACCP. These include electrical layouts with demountable connections in enclosed designs that enable simple cleaning and maintenance.  

Additionally, these cookie handling systems are fabricated entirely in stainless steel and presented in a variety of finishes.  

The most recent system involved a receivable station where cookies were presented from an elevating conveyor and guided onto the initial screening machine using an adjustable chute. A series of cleverly arranged gates ensured that broken pieces were removed.  

A central collection point was used for the rejected pieces. The product was then delivered to a secondary screening unit where all remaining crumbs were removed and again collected into a common facility.  

The product was then channelled into four lanes where the cookies were aligned and spaced without any overlapping presenting a definitive stream of product. From here the cookies travelled to a special plastic contoured multiple tracking section.  

Using a combination of accelerating speeds that caused the cookies to stand vertically in a stack, the final stage involved the removal of the cookie stacks for packaging.  

The operation of each Enmin system provides a balanced product flow wherein the volume of product introduced into the system equals that which is delivered, avoiding any accumulation.    

Integrating with upstream equipment or automatic packaging system is readily achieved through the advanced electronic controls.  

Enmin Vibratory Equipment engineers have now gained a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the handling of different types and shapes of biscuits.

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