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Cake topper available from Enmin Vibratory Equipment

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A new system is offered that that provides the benefits of efficiently applying various types of toppings to cakes in their final stages of production.

Developed by Enmin Vibratory Equipment , Cake Toppers apply an accurate amount of toppings such as icing sugar, cinnamon, coco powder or coconut, to name a few, to the passing cakes with almost no wastage.

The dispensers can be round or square to suit the cake shape. Using blanking inserts smaller cakes can be accommodated. A design insert will incorporate a pattern to the cake topping for a decorative effect.

Installation of the Cake Toppers could not be easier since each is a mobile stand alone unit that may be positioned anywhere along the length of the cake conveyor.

Employing the Enmin cantilever design, the Cake Topper is accurately positioned along side the conveyor, wheels are locked and the electrical and pneumatic plug in connection completed to bring the unit on line.

The cantilever design accommodates multiple rows of cakes and positioning from both sides of the cake conveyor.

Construction of the Cake Topper is entirely in stainless steel, designed and manufactured to comply with HACCP standards. Quick release clamps give access to the dispenser for complete cleaning and to the height adjustment facility.

A 15 litre product storage hopper gives adequate capacity for normal production runs and ensures minimum operator attention. Replenishing of the hopper is user friendly due to the low profile of the design.

Unlike older versions of cake toppers that uses mechanical paddles or feed rollers Enmin Vibratory Equipment’s Cake Topper has no moving parts and is fully demountable without the use of tools making maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

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