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Bag flatteners from Enmin Vibratory Equipment

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Enmin Vibratory Equipment  designed a vibratory bag flattener in response to a special request from a local food producer and packaging house.

The client was seeking to import a suitable bag flattener but was not happy with the agricultural approach to the overall design offered by many overseas companies. The bag flattener needed to satisfy the requirements of HACCP standards since it involved a food industry application.

Enmin Vibratory Equipment has wide expertise in the manufacture of vibratory bag conditioners designed to assist in the de-aeration of the product to help achieve maximum payload and in turn, save on transportation costs.

Bag flatteners, on the other hand are designed to shape the filled and sealed bags to provide the best possible shape so that they can be easily packed into cardboard boxes. Enmin’s bag flatteners can accommodate bags up to 250mm in width.

Enmin bag flatteners involve the actions of two components: a vibratory compaction conveyor and an overhead platen conveyor.

The vibratory compaction conveyor subjects the filled bag to controlled vibration, fluidising the material in the process and causing it to flow into all sections of the bag. The second component, the overhead platen conveyor comes into play as the bag is transported forward. The overhead platen conveyor can quickly be adjusted to increase or decrease the pressure being applied to the bag as it is vibrated and conveyed forward.

The combined actions of the vibratory compaction conveyor and overhead platen conveyor produce a gentle squeegee action to flatten and condition the bag. Since the vibratory conveyor and the platen conveyor can be adjusted to control the vibration, speed of conveying and the squeegee pressure, a variety of bag dimensions up to 250mm wide as well as various materials can be accommodated by the bag flatteners.

Constructed in stainless steel, Enmin bag flatteners are designed to be easily adjusted without the use of tools, and also address all safety and noise concerns. The overall compact design allows the bag flattener’s integration into existing or new belt conveyors.

Enmin has since supplied an additional bag flattener to the same client.

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