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THE Crown FM receiver module, installed in the Crown Broadcast integrated FM transmitter, is an ideal solution for translator use.

Available from Engineering Design & Systems Pty Ltd , it is designed to enable a Crown FM transmitter to function as FM in/FM out translator in one compact package.

The receiver is engineered to provide excellent signal quality, ease of use and economical long term reliability.

The FM receiver has been specifically designed to handle SCA channels to 100kHz for audio or high speed data.

Features include:

* Frequency agile, easily field tunable

* Modular design, simple to upgrade current R units or E units with the more powerful receiver

* Quick set up

* 76MHz to 108MHz user selectable frequency range (76MHz to 90MHz allows for use in Japan).

The GoRx3 internal receiver, when installed in a Crown FM transmitter, provides a powerful, flexible translator or booster. The integrated design makes installation quick and easy.

Crown FM transmitters offer the end user a complete translator solution with automatic control circuitry providing proportional fold back protection for high VSWR, over voltage and over temperature conditions. The system will automatically restart after power interruptions.

A built-in remote I/O interface allows for remote monitoring and controlling of critical functions.

The dc power connection can provide uninterrupted service when ac power is lost.

An excellent remote control option is the Airsis TM2000 Satellite Remote Control. The Airsis TM2000 provides full command and control of a Crown unit via the Internet and Low Earth Orbit Satellite constellation.

This unit does not require any land or mobile based phone connection for control. Cost for unit and air time is similar to normal phone line based on remote and local phone line charges.

The Crown GoRx3 is available to current Crown transmitter users as a stand alone user installed upgrade or as part of a equipment renewal process that fully brings a Crown transmitter up to current specifications and offers a full coverage, 24 month warranty after renewal.

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