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Engineering and quality assurance services from Engineered Quality Services

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An emerging engineering and quality assurance services consultancy recently commenced services to interstate and overseas clients procuring products and services from Victoria, Australia.

The consultancy, Engineered Quality Services is based in Tullamarine, a suburb North-West of Melbourne in one of the innovative manufacturing and service industry Australian States competing in the global market.

Several contracts these days specify certified management systems to international standards for quality assurance and environmental control with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) to meet State and Territory legislation.

Some procurement contracts go to lengths to specify batch sampling inspection and testing levels for the critical attributes to ensure acceptable quality levels (AQLs), with further reduced sampling plans for customer/independent acceptance prior to release or upon delivery.

The planning for quality at this level usually requires the development of specific procedures and instructions to accommodate these specified customer requirements. It is at this level of QA/QC where independent verification for batch inspection and testing and product acceptance prior to release that interstate and overseas customers look to a consultancy with engineers and technical personal for Quality Assurance Services.

Both customers and manufacturer/supplier organisations benefit by utilising independent verification, inspection and testing as it ensures only acceptable product is released.

This avoids batch rejections on delivery, delays, production short falls and increased freight and other costs; not to mention any dent to the reputation of the supplier’s organisation and its management.

Any defects identified by a customer need immediate attention for the correction of delivered and in-process products and preventative action to eliminate the problem from the product realisation processes. A repeat only exacerbates the effectiveness of the management system in place and further tarnishes customer confidence.

Manufacturers bidding for contacts may choose a referral to their customers for these independent verification, inspection and testing service.

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