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Selecting the right synthetic oil

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AMSOIL synthetic oils have been designed to improve performance and protect, however different formulations are appropriate for specific lubrication needs. Engine Care Systems explains why AMSOIL synthetic motor oils consistently outperform competitive conventional and synthetic motor oils.

AMSOIL Motor oils contain a broad range of additives designed to enhance performance while protecting engine and serve three principle functions:

  • Protect metal surfaces
  • Increase lubricant application range ;and
  • Prolong lubricant life.
Surface protection additives contain anti-wear agents and rusk inhibitors. Anti-wear agents prevent wear, scoring and seizure caused by friction, while rust inhibitors protect internal metal components against corrosion.

Detergents are present to prevent the build up of deposits on the engines internal surfaces, while dispersants expand the application of a lubricant by preventing insoluble contaminants from agglomerating.

Motor oils contain performance additives, anti-foamers, anti-oxidants and metal deactivators as they extend the service life of a lubricant.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, available from Engine Care Systems, combine the industry's leading synthetic technologies to produce 100% synthetic motor oils that exceed the high performance demands of today's engines.

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