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Minimise machinery wear and downtime with Engine Care Systems Australasia

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article image High quality synthetic hydraulic lubricants help minimise machinery downtime.

Engine Care Systems Australasia presents their range of high quality synthetic hydraulic oils to help minimise machinery wear and down time. Downtime, caused by machinery component failure, is a significant problem for the mining industry, which could lead to major costs.

According to Engine Care System’s Laurie Hyland, some lubricants can produce contaminants from heat, causing carbonising oxidation, nitration and polymerisation of the oil.

“This process can reach the stage where oil filters start to block, bypassing contaminated and unfiltered oil through the engine. This debris laden oil causes rapid wear and hastens filter blocking in a vicious snowballing circle,” said Hyland.

“By using premium quality 100 percent synthetic hydraulic oils such as AMSOIL, enables valve banks, pumps and hoses to last much longer than with using standard lubricants. An investment in premium grade synthetic oils and fine, low-micron bypass filtration in gearboxes, crushers, conveyors, mills, drive boxes and mobile plant can save significant annual maintenance costs.”

Using high quality synthetic hydraulic lubrication oils is the simple approach to minimise downtime costs. When used in conjunction with sub-micron bypass filtration and quality oil sampling, high quality synthetic lubricants can substantially extend machine reliability of expensive equipment.

“Apart from boosting mechanical reliability, major savings can be achieved by using AMSOIL 100 percent synthetic oils that reduce wear on the fastest moving components exposed to the thinnest oil film. There are also environmental benefits that include a reduction in the disposal of used oil and filters. Just doubling an oil and filter change interval reduces that waste disposal by 50 percent,” said Hyland.

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