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Amsoil Interceptor oil from Engine Care Systems Australasia

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article image Amsoil Interceptor oil for two-stroke recreational sports vehicle engines.

Amsoil Interceptor oil, distributed by Engine Care Systems Australasia , prevents sticking valves and other common problems associated with engines in higher performance recreational sports vehicles.

The Amsoil Interceptor oil is designed to help virtually eliminate hard carbon deposits that cause exhaust power valve sticking, ring sticking and pre-ignition.

The synthetic two stroke oil has a specially developed molecularly saturated synthetic base, which is combined with a robust additive package to ensure exceptional lubrication, cleanliness and optimum clean burning.

The Amsoil Interceptor oil helps reduce smoke and odour associated with high performance two stroke engines, as well as prevents plug, fouling rust and pre-ignition caused by combustion chamber ‘hot spots’.

Amsoil Interceptor oil is available from Engine Care Systems Australasia and is a versatile lubrication solution for all two-stroke engines, especially in recreational equipment such as motorbikes, jet skis, ATVs and jet boats.

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