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High voltage electrical components from Enertel

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Enertel  is a supplier of high voltage electrical components and specialised test components to various customers which include electrical supply industry, transformer manufacturers, motor rewind shops and large service organisations. Some of the electrical components supplied by Enertel include generators, motors, transformers, cables, capacitors, insulators, testers, coils, windings and so on.

Enertel supplies a range of measuring instruments for laboratories, factories and field tests of electric equipment. The measuring instruments include Automatic tanδ measuring Instrument for High Voltage equipment, Automatic Shering Bridge, Precise Automatic Shering Bridge, Electric Insulating Material C & tanδ, C & tanδ meter and so on.

The DAC-ASM-7 measuring equipment supplied by Enertel enables the precision insulation measurement of generators, motors, transformers, cables and insulation material. DAC-ASM-7 has measurable capacitance from 100pF to 10μF and are applicable for test voltage from AC100V to AC12kV.

Enertel also provides a range of offline/online testing instruments which include AWA IV(12 kV instrument), AWA 2.2(2.2 kV instrument), digital testers and many more.

The AWA IV(12 kV instrument) testing instrument supplied by Enertel provides insulating testing capabilities and can be preprogrammed to minimize operator errors.

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