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Wireless controlled Enerpac SyncHoist enhances heavy lift and shift precision and safety

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article image Enerpac SyncHoist technology is used in bridge building, shipbuilding and infrastructure

Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp) has introduced a new wireless load positioning system designed to enhance crane performance and safety at reduced costs.

The latest diesel powered version of the Enerpac SyncHoist system is a wireless-controlled high precision hydraulic load hoisting and positioning system offering load manoeuvring vertically and horizontally using one crane to control loads up to hundreds of tons, while reducing the risk of damage from oscillations of wire rope due to sudden crane starts and stops.

Enerpac’s SyncHoist SHS system employs intelligent hydraulics to monitor and guide compact but powerful 700 bar double-acting push-pull cylinders integrated into four lifting points above the loads, and can also be used for pre-programmed positioning, tilting and aligning of loads and for counter weighting and determining their centre of gravity.

The wireless control function in the latest SyncHoist enables the crane driver to more simply perform complex load lifting, shifting and positioning manoeuvres from the cab, ensuring loads remain evenly positioned during the process, and performing point load indications and checks where required.

The diesel power ensures greater operational versatility with the system deployed virtually anywhere without its hydraulic functionality being dependent on fixed or separate power sources, such as generators. This independence is particularly valuable in remote applications such as oil, gas, mining and energy, and large-scale applications such as bridges, ports, shipbuilding and infrastructure.

Enerpac Australia Integrated Solutions Manager Mr Richard Verhoeff explains that the combination of diesel drive and wireless control makes the system totally self-contained as there is no need for power cables or hoses connected between a hoisted object and the pump unit, because this pump unit can be positioned on the load itself, or on the spreader frame used to perform the lift.

Available in load capacities customised to individual tasks, with system reach of 1500mm from each of several lifting points, SyncHoist offers very high accuracies (± 1.0mm), less dependence on weather conditions and vastly improved operating speed and worker safety.

A member of the Enerpac synchronous lifting family, which has been employed globally on jobs as diverse as lifting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, manoeuvring the roof of the Beijing Olympics Birds Nest Building, hoisting 1000-tonne mining mills in Western Australia and re-levelling multi-storey buildings after the Christchurch earthquakes, the new Enerpac SyncHoist system for cranes is backed globally by the expertise and experience of the Enerpac Integrated Solutions Team, with Australasian SyncHoist expertise already encompassing major shipbuilding and construction projects.

Available with manual, extended manual and fully controlled PLC system management and control systems, SyncHoist’s functions and applications span diverse industries including construction, engineering, hydraulics, mining and energy, oil and gas, manufacturing and metal fabrication, shipbuilding and safety.

Specific applications include positioning of roof sections, bridge sections, concrete elements and steel structures; positioning of turbines, transformers and fuel rods; precise machinery loading, mill rod changes and bearing changes; precise positioning of pipelines and blow out valves; and positioning and aligning of ship segments prior to assembly.

Manual control options for the four lifting points with 1500mm system reach include manual control with manual directional control valves; extended manual control with joystick controls and position display; and PLC control with fully closed-loop control system. PLC control options include touch screen, remote wireless control, load and stroke monitoring, load calculations (centre of gravity) and pre-programmable motions and data recording.

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