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Enerpac’s ULTIMA™ range of steel hand pumps have been designed for easier and safer operation and are ideally suited for rugged applications where durability is of the utmost concern.

Sure-Grip release knob for easier handling
The ULTIMA™ hand pump features the Sure-Grip release knob to ensure simple handling and gripping with or without gloves. Other key features include:

  • Constructed from high quality steel for long lasting durability   
  • Tie rod design for easy disassembly for maintenance and service   
  • Chrome plated plunger protects the pump from wear
  • Vent free reservoir which prevents contaminants entering the pump through the opening
Equipped with a large range of safety features
The ULTIMA™ hand pump is equipped with various safety features including:
  • Reservoir over pressurization system to release excess pressure within machine        
  • Wider footprint  for increased stability
  • Fill plug is located at the top of machine for simple, easy filling
Suitable for a wide range of diverse construction applications
The ULTIMA™ is ideally suited to a huge range of compact and portable high pressure cylinders and tools used for diverse tasks. These include:
  • Lifting   
  • Cutting   
  • Clamping 
  • Pressing & forming 
  • Diverse bolting and fastening technologies

Please see the videos for more of Enerpac's high performance products available.  

For more information on this product range visit the Enerpac website.

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