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QuickFace FF mechanical flange face tools from Enerpac for smaller flange refacing challenges

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article image QuickFace FF mechanical flange face tool for flange refacing

Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)  offers the QuickFace FF mechanical flange face tools designed for refacing of smaller pipe flanges in awkward or hazardous locations.  

Refacing these pipe flanges can be very challenging when the pipes are located in high, confined or less accessible places in refineries and energy plants, mineral processing plants, wastewater or industrial processing installations or out in the field many kilometres away from the nearest power source.  

Sometimes, they may be part of a larger pipe structure where they may get overlooked during maintenance programmes because of the inconvenient disassembly process.  

Suitable for a wide range of processing and pipeline-intensive industries, QuickFace FF Series hand-powered mechanical flange face tools from Enerpac are designed to turn a two-man refacing operation with powered tools into a one-man job minus the heavy equipment, air compressors or portable generators.  

According to Enerpac Bolting Manager, Mr Pat Molloy, engineers can achieve the same high accuracy and performance of a powered machine tool in a versatile, lightweight and extremely portable format.  

Once a flange face has been machined, Enerpac’s S or W torque wrenches or GT tensioners can seal the joint to the precise torque or tension required. Rusted or corroded nuts can be removed easily with Enerpac nut splitters in capacities up to 137mm.  

Key features of QuickFace FF Series mechanical flange face tools:  

  • Simple hand operation allows use of the tool anywhere without the need for air, electric or hydraulic power
  • Lightweight at 14.96kg boxed, allows easy handling and transportation to remote locations
  • Range of interchangeable collets from 25.4mm to 152.39mm allows work on different flanges with minimal time between set-ups
  • Adjustable cutting head capable of facing flanges from 25.4mm to 304.79mm for greater flexibility
  • Can be paired with different lead screws for resurfacing damaged raised-face or lens-ring joint flanges
  • Saves cost on renting third-party equipment such as compressors or generators
  • Cold work tool requires no hot work permits
  • Simple set-up in minutes with no need for cranes or rigging equipment
  • Requires minimal operator training
QuickFace FF mechanical flange face tools complement a broad range of non-impact professional bolting and fastening technology from Enerpac including torque wrenches, pumps and high performance hydraulic bolt tensioners.

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