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Push-pull from Enerpac assists in striking concrete segments from castings at Port Botany container port expansion

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article image Enerpac cylinders used for Port Botany project

Rugged multipurpose Enerpac hydraulic cylinders have proven effective in the concrete casting process at Sydney Ports Corporation’s Port Botany Container Terminal Expansion, one of the largest port projects to be undertaken in Australia in the past 30 years.
Although the 600 ton ringer crane was capable of lifting the concrete segments straight from the mould, the cylinders incorporated into the formwork system provided peace of mind, ensuring that no damage occurred to the segments during lifting.

Senior Project Engineer John Gadallah, assisted by Darryl Lange from Enerpac, selected RC-756 75 ton (718 kN) cylinders to assist in striking the concrete segments weighing 220 tons or more. These cylinders featured:

  • These cylindersemploy high-pressure, 700 bar, technology which reduces the cylinders’ weight and size while maximising their compact lifting power
  • The 29.5kg RC 756 cylinder is just 285mm high with a stroke of 156mm
  • The Enerpac jacking cylinders were powered by an Enerpac ZU4 electric pump
  • high-strength alloy steel cylinders
  • The Enerpac ZU4 electric-powered portable hydraulic pump used to power the RC-756 cylinders on the Port Botany project is a cool-running, energy-saving pump that sets new durability standards and lower operating costs.
  • The ZU4 series feature a powerful 1.25kW universal motor coupled with a totally new pump element design that reduces oil flow turbulence,  producing an industrial workhorse with fewer moving parts and less friction.
  • The pumps’ increased flow rates, reduced heat generation and decreased power needs translate into higher productivity and reliability for applications such as construction, crimping, cutting, fabrication, lifting, lowering, materials handling, maintenance, pressing, pushing, pulling and production and process engineering.
  • The ZU4 series is best suited to medium-to-large cylinders or hydraulic tools –  or for use wherever high-speed, intermittent duty cycle is needed. The pumps are available with backlit LCD and multiple valve configurations for remote or manual control of advance, retract and hold combinations.
  • The ZU4’s light weight and compact design make it ideal for applications requiring easy transport. Its universal motor works well on long extension cords or generator-driven electrical power supplies

“The Enerpac cylinders do the job well. This type of job doesn’t come around very often, but in the event that it did, we would consider using Enerpac cylinders for striking again if required,” said Senior Project Engineer John Gadallah.

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