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Next Generation Enerpac RC Duo General Purpose Cylinders Increase Productivity

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article image Enerpac RC Duo General Purpose Cylinder

Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)  is introducing to Australasia the next generation of its RC general purpose cylinder family, which is one of the most widely used compact, powerful and ruggedly versatile high pressure cylinder ranges in the world.  

The new RC Series Duo general purpose cylinders are designed with Enerpac’s exclusive GR2 bearing system, the next generation of Enerpac’s proven ‘Golden Ring’ design.  

This unique GR2 bearing system surrounds the cylinder seal for ultimate protection. Its innovative design also distributes lateral loads more effectively, enhancing cylinder life to help users stay on the job longer and increasing productivity.  

Longer-stroke Duo cylinders feature two Golden Ring bearings for optimum low maintenance.  

Key benefits of the GR2 bearing system

  • Easily withstands lateral forces and dynamic loads preventing galling and premature bearing failure
  • Keeps jobs on schedule safely
  • Heavy duty return springs with improved retraction rates increases pace of work
  • Easy access design requiring only standard shop tools reduces maintenance downtime

Supplied in the traditional 5-100 ton capacities, Enerpac’s new RC-Series Duo are the next generation of general purpose cylinders designed to dramatically boost productivity.  

Available in eight capacities and 39 models with strokes from 16mm to 362mm, the new cylinders are part of a comprehensive range of high pressure cylinders that use 700 bar technology to reduce weight and size while maximising compact lifting power.  

The high pressure cylinders also complement Enerpac’s advanced ranges of safety-oriented, energy-saving and labour-saving technologies including lifting, pumping, fastening, bolting and maintenance tools.  

All Enerpac cylinders are complemented by a broad range of advanced pumping technologies, ranging from simple portable hand pumps and versatile battery pumps to new generation electric and air-over-hydraulic technologies.  

The cool-running, energy-saving ZU4T electric pumps and new generation 700 bar XVARI XA air over hydraulic foot pumps enable finer and safer control of tasks while completing jobs up to twice as quickly as conventional pumps.  

Enerpac has been established in Australia and New Zealand as a major supplier of high-pressure (700 bar) hydraulic equipment for 50 years with nationwide service backup and a strong distribution network.

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