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New Flange spreaders and aligners from Enerpac

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Splitting and aligning pipeline flanges can be both hazardous and time-consuming if fabrication and maintenance staff do not have the right tools for the job.

Enerpac ’s new hydraulic and mechanical flange spreaders and flange alignment tools are purpose-built to ensure that the job is done with efficiency and precision during maintenance, commissioning, shutdown, testing and valve changeouts.

FSH, FSM and STF series flange spreaders, available in capacities of 8-14 tonnes, feature an integrated wedge concept offering friction-free, smooth and parallel wedge movement that eliminates flange damage and the risk of spreading arm failure.

The unique interlocking wedge design requires a small access gap of only 6mm, while maximum spread extends to 81mm.

FS series flange spreaders, meanwhile, help safeguard the integrity of pipelines and flanged machinery as well as the safety of the person splitting them by incorporating a pin by the splitter's jaws which fits through the pipe flange and holds it in line while its flanges are being separated.

With standard spread capacities from 70-216mm, these tools are also available as FS56 and FS 109 pump-spreader combinations weighing approx 15 and 22kg respectively, so they can be easily transported and operated by one person.

The spreaders, part of Enerpac’s comprehensive range of professional bolting technology are complemented by ATM series hydraulic and mechanical flange alignment tools for commonly used ANSI, API, BS and DIN flanges.

With a lifting force of .3 (point three) to 5 tons, these tools are designed to remove the need for slings, hooks or lifting gear. They also rectify twist and rotational misalignment without additional stress on the pipeline.

Usable over flange wall thickness’ of 17-203mm, with a minimum bolt hole size of 17mm, these high safety, high precision tools can be installed and used in any position and any location. They are designed to stay stable in position under full load.

Hydraulic and mechanical flange spreaders and aligners are part of the professional bolting technology ranges being introduced by Enerpac to streamline many of Australasian industry’s common, time-consuming and potentially hazardous maintenance and fabrication tasks.

The new ranges include tools such as the Versatile W low profile hexagonal wrenches and versatile S series of double-acting Square drive wrenches designed for maximum durability, reliability and safety, with rigid steel design and outstanding power to weight ratios up to 34,000 Nm (S series).

Detailed also in the new E325a catalogue, are energy-saving ZU4 Portable hydraulic pumps with fewer moving parts and less friction to give more power and reliability for and heavyweight hydraulic tasks.

These 1.25 kW pumps complement Z class ZE3-6 5.6 kW stationary pumps in a comprehensive Enerpac range extending fall the way from simple hand pumps to sophisticated air, electric, Turbo and gasoline types.

Enerpac stocks a big selection of (700 bar) cylinders, in hundreds of models with capacities from 5-1000 tonnes for compact high-pressure power in lifting, pushing, pulling, bending and holding applications.

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