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New Enerpac integrated spreader

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A powerful and highly portable hydraulic spreading tool is being introduced by Enerpac that generates 1360kg of lifting capacity from only 24kg of force applied to the handle of its integrated hand pump.  

The 700 bar WR 13 Integrated spreader, weighing only 12kg, features a built-in pump that simplifies speedy setup and permits safe one-man operation for users who need to open a gap, lift equipment or move machinery in a remote or confined space.  

With a tip clearance of 25mm and maximum spread of 95mm, the WR 13 Integrated spreader is suitable for applications such as industrial fabrication or maintenance shops, manufacturing and construction, emergency services, energy and chemical processing plants as well as off-road equipment service vehicles and resources and other locations that don’t allow electrical or pneumatic tools.  

Enerpac says the WR 13 Integrated spreader provides best-in-class performance in a tool which integrates its hydraulic hand pump so the operator can enjoy the power of hydraulics without having to transport multiple items of equipment.

The single-acting, dual-spring return WR13 Integrated spreader needs only 23 full handle strokes to attain maximum power, with spark-free operation and large jaws that can accommodate a standard cribbing block in their opening, including Enerpac LPC series plastic cribbing blocks.  

Its 360-degree rotatable handle enables the WR 13 Integrated spreader to fit into tighter spaces than previously possible and to be used horizontally, vertically or in any orientation. The pump handle can be detached from the patented pump mechanism so the tool can be collapsed even further for shipping and storage. The pump handle is also used to turn the WR 13’s release valve and close the spreader, allowing users to operate safely away from the load.  

Additional safety is provided by high-strength forged steel jaws, serrated tips to control slippage and internal pressure relief valve for overload protection. The highly durable WR 13 is constructed to the same rigorous standards of quality as the broader range of Enerpac hydraulic and extreme force tools widely used throughout Australia and New Zealand for more than 50 years, with nationwide service backup and a strong distribution network.  

“The WR13 Integrated spreader, with its best-in-class spreader capacity of 13.4kN (3000 lb), gives users tight space fit capabilities that previously did not  exist,” says Enerpac General Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Mr Tony Brooks. “This makes it ideal for locations with minimal working space available: inside a confined area; between equipment; under a supported work-in-progress fabrication with clearance issues; or at powerless remote locations where users don’t have the flexibility of an extra set of hands to assist with setup.”

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