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Muscular bead-busting XVARI pumps from Enerpac

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Breaking the beads on big truck and tractor tyres is a challenge to both professional automotive businesses and users of such vehicles in Australia and New Zealand.

One organisation that has found a solution to the problem is Auckland based Maxwell Tyre Repair Services. The company employed a new generation air-over-hydraulic foot pump from Enerpac to complete the job with finer and safer control of tasks while completing jobs up to twice as quickly compared to using conventional pumps. 

The 700 bar XVARI ® XA  pump supplied by Enerpac distributor Jonel Hydraulics, features high oil flow and with its rotating air motor and rotating two-stage pump element it provides hydraulic delivery up to 50 per cent higher than conventional pumps with linear motor and single piston.

Maxwell Tyre Repair Services operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week servicing tractor and truck operators from Albany through to Huntly, says  the investment in the new pump technology has resulted in a huge improvement to efficiency as it allows owner Kevin Maxwell to break the tyre bead quicker and more safely. 

“In addition to truckies and farmers, we deal with operators who run heavy industrial gear and who can’t afford down time, so speed on the job and being able to do the repair on the spot is critical.” 

“With the bigger machines such as tractors, the tyres are a lot bigger and the beads are a lot thicker so breaking them to do the repair was becoming more and more difficult. It was bloody hard work as we’d have to hammer and wedge out both the outside and inside bead to get at the problem” he said. 

Mr Maxwell says the investment in the new pump is saving him around half an hour per puncture repair - “It’s been brilliant as we just plug into the air supply off the back of the truck and it has made the jobs way easier.”

Xvari’s radically different technology offers variable oil flow and fine metering for precise control and is coupled with ergonomic two-pedal control of advance and retract functions for time-efficient and safer hands-free operation with less operator fatigue and increased stability. 

“Never before have these three vital advantages – tremendously high oil flow, precise control and ergonomic operation – been combined in one hydraulic pump,” says Enerpac Customer Support and Engineering Manager Mr Tony Cooper.

“XVARI technology takes a revolutionary step into the future, setting a new industrial standard that eclipses the 50-year-old technology of conventional air-over-hydraulic foot pumps.”

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