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Mini version of world-class Enerpac synchronous hydraulic lifting systems launched at AIMEX

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article image SLC8 Enerpac synchronous hydraulic lifting system

High pressure hydraulic equipment specialist, Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)  has recently introduced a mini version of one of the world’s most advanced heavy lifting systems for applications involving precision civil, mechanical, industrial and maintenance engineering tasks.  

Showcased at the AIMEX exhibition in Sydney in September, the SLC8 Enerpac synchronous hydraulic lifting systems are a range of simplified four-point synchronous jacking systems based on the full-size PLC controlled synchronous system used with 4-64 cylinders to hoist loads weighing thousands of tons.  

Suitable for lifting operations involving draglines, dredges, machinery and onshore and offshore exploration and production technology, the SLC8 can also be upgraded to eight-point lifts.  

The new SLC8 Enerpac synchronous hydraulic lifting systems also control and monitor movement during the hydraulic raising, lowering, positioning or testing of heavy objects such as manufacturing machinery, manufactured structures, building components, bridge components, ship components, mining and energy equipment as well as heavy but delicate computerised/ electrical equipment.  

The mini lifting systems control the difference in millimetres and fractions of millimetres between each cylinder being employed in a synchronous lift of weights limited only by the size of the cylinders involved. The SLC8 is capable of lifting thousands of tons using large 500-1000 ton cylinders.  

According to Enerpac Integrated Solutions Manager Mr Colin Chapman, the mini system is only limited by the size of the cylinders attached and therefore by the amount of oil available and the flow rate of the pump.  

A key advantage of the SLC8 system is that it can be attached to any electric pump that has an electric solenoid valve for raising and lowering control. Another benefit is that the unit can be connected to the client’s existing pump, therefore reducing the capital outlay required for a complete system.  

Synchronous lifting systems from Enerpac eliminate manual monitoring and control of hydraulic lifts, which can otherwise give rise to considerable problems in some applications.    

Synchronous hydraulic lifting systems permit lifting, lowering or positioning to be carried out automatically to a high degree of accuracy while controlling unevenly distributed loads as well as various cylinder capacities.    

Key features of Enerpac SLC8 synchronous hydraulic lifting systems:  

  • Operable by a single person 
  • Selectable inputs such as measurements in mm/inch and stroke sensor type 
  • Manual mode screen used to set the cylinders against the load 
  • On-screen readout of target height, allowable deviation among cylinders and relative reset for datum position 
  • Solenoid control valves and pressure indicator gauges 
  • Enerpac VE 43 valve mounted to Enerpac pump for interface with system 
  • Cart for ease of system transportation around site        
The synchronous lifting systems are part of Enerpac’s advanced range of safety-oriented, energy-saving and labour-saving technologies.  

All Enerpac lifting cylinders are complemented by a broad range of advanced pumping technologies ranging from simple portable hand pumps and versatile battery pumps to new generation ZU4T electric pumps and 700 bar XVARI XA air over hydraulic foot pumps. 

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