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Hydraulic pump and wrench combinations

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article image Engineered to save time and labour.

POWERFUL, portable and robust hydraulic pump and torque wrench combinations are being introduced by Enerpac for professional bolting tasks in the toughest environments Australasia can dish up.

New generation ZU4T Series electric pumps - specifically engineered to save time and labour on repetitive tasks - are complemented by the W and S series of rigid steel high pressure (700 bar) hexagonal and square drive torque wrenches in capacities up to 20,337Nm and 34,079Nm respectively.

Weighing between 32-36kg, with a powerful 1.25kW universal motor, the ZU4T features a totally new pump element design that reduces oil flow turbulence. This produces an industrial workhorse with fewer moving parts, less friction and high flow rates of 1.0L/m from four or eight litre oil reservoirs at rated pressures of 700 bar.

The cool running pumps, which require 18 per cent less current draw than comparable conventional designs, are best suited to medium to large single and double acting torque wrenches used for maintenance and fabrication tasks.

They are designed to work well on long extension cords or from generator-driven electric power supplies, such as those on remote construction, energy, infrastructure, mining, pipeline and onshore and offshore resources projects.

The high power-to-weight ratios of the ZU4T ideally complement both the W Series low profile hexagonal wrenches for low clearance bolting applications and the versatile S series of double-acting square drive types.

The W series weigh from only 1.4-5kg, yet have terrific and precisely repeatable torque from 2712-20337Nm, while W series wrenches extend from 2.7-31kg with outputs of 1898-34437Nm.

In addition to eliminating cumbersome manual bolting operations, the wrench and pump combinations can be operated via a low-voltage (15V dc) pendant with sealed switches for remote operation and enhanced operator safety.

A four-wrench manifold is available for simultaneous operation of multiple torque wrenches, while a built-in LCD provides self-test, diagnostic and read-out capabilities.

Remote area operation is enhanced by the pumps' higher oil flow and bypass pressure (85 bar). A self-priming first stage increases pump performance by supercharging the second stage piston pump, improving oil flow in both hot and cold weather operations.

The pumps are compatible with all major brands of 700 and 800 bar single-acting and double-acting torque wrenches, offering auto-cycle for continuous cycle operations and quick, secure coupling by way of spin-on-couplers for 700 bar models and lock-ring couplers for 800 bar models.

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