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Hydraulic post-tensioning tools available from Enerpac

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New compact and powerful hydraulic post-tensioning tools have been released by Enerpac, for mono strand construction applications common on building, mining and infrastructure development sites.

The single-acting PT and double-acting DPT models are complemented by new ZU4 electric pumps, specifically designed to operate with the popular lines of stressing jacks.

Using high-pressure (700 bar, 10,000 psi) hydraulic systems widely proven in the field, the new tools deliver 20 or 30 tons tensioning capacity, weigh between 19-34 kg and feature soft-grip ergonomic handles to help reduce operator fatigue and enhance safety.

Features include:

Single-acting PT models, with new Enerpac RC post tensioning cylinders offering a 254mm stroke ideal for lab-on-grade application. PTs offer standard spring seating and optional power seating.
Double-acting DPT models, with 216mm stroke, are machined from steel billet for durability. They feature standard power seating and gun drilled internal hydraulic passages.
Standard 3 inch nose assemblies with 6in available as accessories.
A full line of grippers to tension three eighths, seven sixteenths, half inch and .6 inch strand diameters.
Systems-matched new generation ZU4908JE electric pumps with steel reservoirs to cope with rugged construction site conditions. The totally ZU4s are designed with fewer internal moving parts for less friction, reduced power consumption, less heat and more reliability.

Enerpac’s wide range ever of time-saving and cost-saving precision tools, released in its new E325a catalogue, also includes new families of aluminium cylinders weighing half their steel equivalents, new Extreme Products designed for maximum corrosion and temperature resistance; and new families of professional bolting technology (including S series Square Drive hydraulic torque wrenches and W series low-profile hexagon drives offering outstanding power-to weight ratios and outstanding operator safety)

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