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Hydraulic lifters move massive weights

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article image Reverse logic Stage Lifter.

ENERPAC has introduced a new heavy duty lifting system that enables the power and precision of hydraulics to move massive weights over longer distances.

Stage Lift systems, in capacities from 10-1000 tonnes per lift point, overcome limitations imposed by hydraulic cylinder strokes that are too short for some jobs.

The compact but powerful 700 bar Stage Lift systems - operating in multiple steps of 50-1219mm stroke per stage - can be remotely, manually or computer synchronised to lift, hold, and lower large objects.

Instead of operating like standard cylinders that project their plunger upwards under a load, Stage Lifts project their plunger downwards when lifting.

This downward force lifts the cylinder body, its spreading plate, and its load, clear of the ground so cribbing blocks can be placed under the spreading plate that is integrated into the cylinder.

When the load is supported by cribbing blocks, the plunger is retracted so further blocks can be placed under it and it can press down again to lift the load a stage further.

The process can be repeated multiple times, says Anders Mangen, business unit manager of Enerpac’s Australasian operations.

Also capable of operating horizontally, Stage Lift Systems are employed to move large weights where other methods such as cranes are impractical, cannot gain access to lift, or do not offer the controlled precision of hydraulics.

"A beauty of the Stage Lift System is that it can be employed as several or multiple units controlled by traditional valving and safety systems - or it can be operated via Enerpac's PLC-controlled Synchronous Lifting System, using which one person can control huge lifts from a safe distance,” Anders said.

"The Stage Lift System is also highly compatible with advanced lifting technology, such as our ZE series electric pumps for heavy lifting in remote locations as well as split flow pumps for multi-cylinder arrangements."

Stage lift technology - introduced to Australasia in Enerpac's new E325e Industrial Catalogue - has been proven worldwide.

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